Process mining makes understanding complex business processes fast and more manageable. It also assists in identifying how business process modifications will directly influence the business by providing KPIs, thus ensuring that any process change will provide an improvement even before the change is implemented. But what is process mining and why should you consider using it within your business?

Why Process Mining?

It is essential to properly understand the functions in an application or components within a process before you can begin to identify where process improvements or savings in time or resources can be made. Process mining utilises data to understand how a process functions in reality (which may be subject to variances). This information provides the decision-makers and compliance officers in an organisation the ability to use the right information to decide how best to manage a process, whilst also ensuring that their processes are compliant and cost-efficient. These inputs can be shared with Auditors and Regulators on request. Also, they’ll know all of the functions and potential outcomes of the process, helping them to find the right solutions to any problem that they may encounter.

Save Your Business With Process Mining

  1. Process mining helps to achieve transparency in business methods. It also enables Users of platforms, such as Signavio, to compare processes and identify, as well as rank the highest priority issues and tasks, where immediate actions should be taken.
  2. With process mining, you will be able to find the vulnerabilities and deviations within the business that are slowing certain processes. Through which you can define the best way to carry out that process, which will help in reducing costs as well.
  3. With process mining, Users can also ensure that certain compliance steps are not missed. You can see if the process is being carried out correctly, optimising the process whilst remaining within the letter of the law. Process Mining will also create a record of your processes for easier auditing.


RPA is great, but with Process Mining it’s better. 

Robotic Process Automation can be beneficial to your business, as it can automate repetitive and rules-based tasks. But with process mining alongside RPA, you can improve the processes and save yourself from automating low-priority or poor-ROI processes.

  1. Process mining can help to identify areas within complex processes, that are most suitable for automation. Thus allowing you to find the processes where unnecessary work is being carried out and saving your employees’ time and your business money, by correctly implementing RPA the first time around.
  2. With Process Mining and Intelligent Automation combined, the accuracy and performance of your digital workers will be optimised, whilst also reducing the implementation cost and time frame, as the implementation team will be able to follow process steps that they need to automate thanks to the inputs provided by Process Mining.
  3. Process Mining can be used within any department, including HR, finance, and legal. It highlights the best processes to automate across your entire organisation, the ones most likely to save you time and money. This augments RPA process selection to be based on objective inputs like ROI.



To save your business from a failed RPA implementation, you first need to understand your business processes. Process mining tools, such a Signavio Process Intelligence, provide you with the required information to make an informed decision on where best to implement RPA within your business. Signavio’s Process Intelligence tool provides significant insights into your business, without which RPA projects are more likely to fail. By automating certain steps within back-office tasks with RPA, you can even improve the work culture in your organisation, as employees will have to spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on value-adding activities. Process mining is necessary for the growth of your business.

Reviewing processes from production to marketing and selling to delivering with process mining and then automating where advised through RPA can drive growth, cut costs and save time for you and your customers.