Customer Experience is, or at least should be, considered one of the most important parts of any consumer-facing organisation’s strategy. However, when it comes to enhancing your customers’ experience, many organisations do not consider implementing Robotic Process Automation for sales and marketing related processes, which is a lost opportunity vis-à-vis improve customer satisfaction.


Here are a few ways in which RPA is improving Customer Experience, perhaps in your competitor organisations –


Automating the “Easy” Tasks


RPA automates companies’ key processes, or at least the repetitive portions of these processes, which in turn increases efficiency. Rather than having yet more humans completing repetitive processes as part of customer service, Digital Workers can work as a colleague to augment those humans that focus on strategic parts of customer service onlyFor example, connecting with customers on the more complex problems that the Digital Worker cannot carry out, leaving the average customer more satisfied with the service provided. 


RPA helps to nurture customer relationships, whilst also giving employees more time to focus on the more complex issues that require decision making. Here are a few of the advantages of using RPA:


  • Reduces costs as there is no longer a need to hire additional staff to handle to easier and most common Customer queries during peak times.
  • Increases work productivity – Employees have more time in their workdays to solve the more complex problems or queries.
  • Customers connect with Agents more quickly and call handling times are reduced.


Faster Responses to Customer Queries


Digital Workers, and RPA in general, have revolutionised the way companies respond to customer queries (online through the utilisation of chatbots).


Chatbots allow businesses to achieve the best of both worlds; the customer will get an instant response to their queries and parallelly, chatbots can handle a large quantity of information, acting as an effective filtration tool, thus maximising their helpfulness to the customer. Please see a few other advantages of chatbots:


  • Almost instant responses to the most basic and common customer queries
  • Increased speed and efficiency of service
  • Chatbots can handle multiple queries at once


Reducing Human Error


Robotic Process Automation reduces human errors as Digital Workers automate tasks, which would otherwise have been completed by full time employees. This leaves less room for human error, as they no longer have to spend hours a day on the most mundane, and error prone, queries. Consequently, customer satisfaction increases, as the Digital Worker follows rules-based decision-making-protocols, thereby treating scenarios according to those rules.


Resolving the Customer’s Problem Before They Hang Up


The more complex queries can sometimes lead to a customer becoming frustrated and hanging up; this is the worst case scenario for any organisation’s customer service team. The most difficult questions may need multiple data inputs, so can take a very long time to solve. This not only puts off the customer, but also the employee tasked with finding the solution. Recurring issues like this can cause serious reputational damage to the concerned company.


Digital Workers can be trained to work alongside Human Colleagues, with the Human Worker interacting with Customers and the most difficult questions, with the Digital Worker assisting them by completing processes. This is called “Attended Automation”. For example, whilst the Customer Service employee talks to the Customer, the Digital Worker accesses customer data faster in the internal system(s) and even auto-populates the customer services employee’s query sheets/online forms, reducing the time taken for the basics of the call to be completed. This reduction in time taken to begin solving the customer’s problem can be the difference between the customer hanging up in frustration or their queries being resolved in a timely manner.


In research conducting by Blue Prism and its partners, the “team working” between Digital Workers and Human Colleagues in a Customer Service environment led to the reduction in average call handling times from nine minutes to less than three minutes. This statistic alone shows the transformational potential of RPA in transforming Customer Experience; all of the benefits of intelligent automation, without losing the human touch.


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