Who are Blue Prism and What Do They Do?

Blue Prism brings you the connected-RPA Platform, an advanced technology ecosystem that puts the power of accessible, advanced cognitive technologies in the hands of your operational leaders.

If you are unfamiliar with RPA, it is the fastest growing segment of the global software enterprise market with an estimated growth of 63% in 2018 alone. This has taken the sector’s revenues to $846 million, which is expected to rise to $1.3 Billion, once revenues for 2019 [1].

What is RPA and What Can it do for Your Organisation?

RPA can help organisations to increase efficiency, whilst operating at a faster pace and at a lower price point, when compared to other automation methods. RPA is a mode of software most commonly referred to as a ‘Robot’ or ‘Digital Worker’. It can be used to mimic and repeat Human Worker processes that follow pre-defined business rules, replacing the need for the Human Worker, who can focus on more strategic tasks instead. Put simply, if there is a process within your organisation that is repetitive and based on the completion of pre-defined steps, then that process or action can be completed by a Digital Worker, freeing up any full time employees (FTEs) who had been working on this repetitive task. This leads to Humans to work in more strategic, creative or customer-centric areas.

Blue Prism’s People-First Approach

When teams of Blue Prism Developers, such as Venturiq’s Certified Architects, Solution Designers and Developers execute a Blue Prism implementation, they do so with the vision of a world where Human and Digital Workers connect seamlessly to empower Enterprises with a 21st century workforce. In order to prepare for the full-scale adoption of technology that will be required to succeed, enterprises in every industry must move beyond traditional RPA, where repetitive processes were completed by Robots from end to end and begin to bridge the human-digital gap.

Enter Blue Prism’s connected-RPA, which is a people-first approach to automation. The objective here is to merge human ingenuity with the capabilities of today’s Digital Workforce. Powered by the Digital Exchange online App store, Blue Prism’s connected-RPA Platform is an Intelligent Automation ecosystem, where developers can add pre-built Automation Workflows, or Artificial Intelligence components to their Automation in an easy, no-code, drag and drop way. This helps to unleash human potential.

Blue Prism has designed the connected-RPA Platform to be easy to use and easy to scale. With the click of a button, users can scale the number of deployed Digital Workers and automated processes up or down, as needed, for any given task or set of tasks. This is augmented with the ability to prioritise and schedule workloads on-demand, giving Blue Prism customers an unparalleled ability to react to real-time market needs.

Venturiq understands that Enterprises strive for consistent wins in their markets and we understand that the keys to achieving steady business gains in today’s digital world are innovation and differentiation. You must stand out as a company that consistently meets and exceeds its customers’ ever-changing expectations. This is why we partner with Blue Prism; the connected-RPA that our team is trained to implement, allows us to help Enterprises to cultivate a connected Digital Workforce that not only puts people first, but also helps them to build sustainable digital strategies.

[1] “Gartner Says Worldwide Robotic Process Automation Software Market Grew 63% in 2018”