Companies are constantly on the lookout for technology-driven solutions that can assist them in executing tasks in a quick and accurate manner. In recent years, automation has been at the top of many companies’ lists to help them fulfill this need, primarily due to quick deployment and the lack of needing to replace legacy systems. Businesses still complete many tasks manually, which would be executed more quickly, efficiently and without error if automated.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is being adopted by organisations across sectors, as it is helping them to align their day-to-day processes with the company’s overall Digital Transformation strategy.


RPA is not even the latest of innovations, as it has been around for a while. However, Forrester predicted that the RPA software market is going to grow to $2.9 billion by 2021. So what is driving the interest and investment in RPA? And which industry sectors, or areas of your business, can benefit the most? Below, we discuss a few of the key areas of why RPA is now a “must”, when considering the next steps of your digital transformation journey.


The Reasons Behind the Rapid Uptake of RPA 


The mission of RPA is to enhance operational efficiencies by reducing the time taken to execute standard day-to-day tasks, with automation software. It is vital for businesses to engage with their customer’s inefficient ways and to achieve this objective, RPA can be a vital ‘Sherpa’. RPA also provides business with the ability to alter process execution methods quickly and effectively, when pursuing or undertaking digital transformation initiatives.


The COVID-19 pandemic has played a significant role in making businesses realise the need for RPA in transforming their work and their industries. In the current climate, we have witnessed how powerful a digital workforce can be in helping employees adapt to changes in their working environment, normal working routine and normal processes. Organisations have needed to carry out their work digitally, and the companies that were already adapted to such situations effectively dealt with it. However, the industries that have not yet begun their digital transformation journeys but have been forced to prematurely complete their work digitally have been hit hard by the pandemic.


Organisations that were able to meet the requirements of changing demands, deliver new services, and support the workload of their human workforces best were those that had utilised RPA. Companies using RPA have a clear advantage over those that are yet to invest in software automation. RPA also proves its worth as companies begin to think about the next steps beyond COVID-19.


Significant Tasks RPA Has Transformed


  1. RPA software can help HR managers in several ways, from Employee data management, Attendance tracking, Payroll management to Travel and expense management.
  2. In the healthcare industry, RPA has helped perform tasks like Monitoring inventory, Entering repetitive patient data, Digitising patient files, Scheduling appointments and even Billing patients.
  3. The banking and finance field has used RPA software to assist with everyday tasks like Account maintenance, Account closing, Loan applications, Loan processing and general Billing operations through to KYC and AML.
  4. For Manufacturing companies, RPA has assisted with back-office tasks including Order tracking, Processing sales, Recording sales and delivery data, Tacking dispatched products, Customer services, CRM and even Billing.


The above are just some of the most noteworthy areas where RPA software has helped companies in certain sectors, however, there are many other sectors and areas where RPA can assist.




With the help of Blue Prism’s Digital Workers, you would be able to control your workforce digitally, empower employees by removing their menial tasks and help to drive your business forward. Decision-makers willing to place RPA at the centre of their organisation’s processes will be able to gain the most from their workforce. Your employees will be able to achieve accurate results, quickly and efficiently from their day to day tasks with help from your Blue Prism Digital Workers. However, now Human Workers will have time to focus on value-adding activities and really push growth, moving forward. Venturiq is certified to deliver Intelligent Automation, powered by Blue Prism.