Modifying business processes in order to actualise measurable improvements

Whilst Business Process Management and, more specifically, Business Process Modelling was traditionally monopolised by experts with deep domain knowledge or skills, Venturiq, by virtue of its partnership with Signavio (the Business Process Modelling and Process Intelligence Leader) offers democratisation of BPM, because, once our team of specialists implements this BPM tool, it can be used by-

  1. People who model processes daily
  2. People with a suggestion for a process improvement, who may not necessarily be process modelling specialists
  3. Compliance teams looking to investigate how processes are actually completed versus how they were modelled


End to End BPM + RPA

Venturiq is proud to partner with Signavio, because the Signavio Business Transformation suite that our experts implement for organisations looking to improve is the only truly end-to-end BPM suite that discovers processes, then models processes, then builds detailed workflows.

Furthermore, Venturiq’s parallel partnership with Blue Prism makes our offering truly compelling; once we have worked with clients to discover and model processes then build workflows, we can ensure true ROI from BPM investments, by building Intelligent Automation as an integral follow-up to end-to-end BPM.

To put the combination of these two practices into perspective, according to Gartner, by 2024, organisations that “combine hyper-automation with redesigned operational processes will lower operational costs by 30%”[1].


An Overview of Our Offering

Together with our market-leading technology partners, Signavio and Blue Prism, Venturiq-

  • Discovers, models, analyses and optimises processes with high potential for automation
  • Based on the outputs from Signavio Business Transformation Suite, creates finalised RPA – specific workflows and associated reference architecture for Intelligent Automation, which is powered by Blue Prism
  • Implements and then maintains the resulting Intelligent Automation, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


What are the Benefits?

  • Decrease both the time and cost of discovering, modelling, analysing and optimising processes that can be prepared for automation
  • Accelerate the path to the automation of these processes, with reduced cost of implementation
  • Scale the Intelligent Automation Journey, thereby maximising savings in operational expenditure
  • Maximise ROI that can be utilised in other areas, such as research and development, upskilling of human workers, or returning surplus funds to shareholders as dividend payments
  • Monitor the ongoing efficiency, compliance, security and success of automated processes`
  • Maximise ROI from BPM investments

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[1] Source: Gartner Predicts 2020: RPA Renaissance Driven by Morphing Offerings and Zeal for Operational Excellence




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