Intelligent Document Processing

Minimising Manual Inputs, to Maximise Business Outputs

According to Gartner, 80% of Enterprise Data is unstructured, meaning that it cannot be processed further, by utilising conventional tools or techniques. Take for example, invoices received in PDF format, or Shipping Instructions and Records received as paper documents, or Employee On Boarding Data received in Email Text. The data contained in these categories or documents include insights that are critical for follow – up insights, which will usually be extracted by manual means. Following extraction, rules based tasks can be completed by Robotic Process Automation.

Venturiq’s innovative Intelligent Document Processing solution utilises Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automatically extract data from documents, in order to pre-process for follow-up actions. By utilising Computer Vision, Advanced Optical Character Recognition and Natural Language Processing, Venturiq can help organisations to increase the scope of data for which Automation can be implemented.

Venturiq’s IDP solution is connected to our RPA capability, which means that once data is extracted from documents, the follow – up workflows are automated by Digital Workers, thereby freeing up Human Colleagues to focus on strategic tasks instead. 


What are the Business Benefits?
  • Time Saved
  • Cost Reduction
  • Repurposed Employees – More Value Adding Activities


Where can Software Robots be Used?
  • Document Reading – Physical or Electronic Documents
  • Automating Manual Data Entry; Integrated With Leading ERP and CRM Systems
  • Saving Data in the Correct Places at once – No Duplicate Copy & Pasting


What can Venturiq do for you?
  • Implement our IDP solution to help your employees to focus on growing your organisation, whilst also saving your time and reducing your costs.


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