Robotics as a Service

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Venturiq’s Robotics as a Service (RaaS) solution allows clients to consume Intelligent Automation without committing to annual RPA license subscriptions.

What does this equation look like in reality? A dedicated RPA license provides powerful automation of enterprise tasks 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. However, an organisation may not wish to make a full commitment to RPA at first, or, it may not have architected the volume of automation work that would justify having a dedicated Digital Worker. With RaaS, our clients can consume as much or as little automation as they wish. The flexibility that comes with RaaS means:

  1. If a client only consumes 10 hours of Intelligent Automation per day, they need only pay for this time, without owning a Digital Worker that is idle for the remaining 14 hours of the day.
  2. One Digital Worker can only carry out a single automation task at a time. Hence, if there is peak automation requirements, wherein a client needs two, three or ten digital workers at peak times, but few, or no digital workers at off peak times, our RaaS solution allows that client to utilise as many Digital Workers as they require at the required time and then hand them back at off peak times.
  3. Should a client decide that they wish to switch from RaaS to having a dedicated Digital Worker, they can make this switch seamlessly. Indeed, the investments that the client will have made in customised Intelligent Automation workflows completed by Venturiq’s RPA team will not go to waste, because the dedicated Digital Worker will take on the customised learnings from RaaS customisation, with the associated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and with no additional cost.
  4. Venturiq offers additional flexibility, since we build standardised AI – powered Robots, which can be used by various clients. This means that common tasks can be consumed in a RaaS format, which has two benefits; (i) reduced time to implementation, since the architecture and system design is already built and (ii) lower cost, since development costs are spread across various clients

ABI Research estimates that there will be 1.3 million installations of RaaS by 2026. To put that into perspective, $217 million was spent on RaaS in 2016 but it is estimated to increase to $34 billion in revenue by 2026[1]. In effect, RaaS is democratising access to Intelligent Automation, since the flexibility that it offers, when presented in the format that Venturiq offers, makes it accessible to both (i) Small to Medium Businesses and (ii) Large Enterprises that want to trial Intelligent Automation.


What are the Business Benefits of RaaS?
  • Flexibility of usage and lower cost, as well as barrier of entry to the world of Intelligent Automation
  • Consistency and quality; standardised “Robots” can perform the same task for multiple clients
  • Speed and operational efficiency
  • Reliability and an ability for clients to meet high pressured deadlines
  • Improvement of customer experience and customer retention rates
  • Redeployment of employee skills to more valuable tasks
  • Enhancement in employee motivation and labour output


Where can Software Robots be Used?

Below are just a few examples of the areas that Software Robots can be effectively used within:

Data Mining –quickly analyse huge volumes of data to provide insights and a major advantage against competitors.

Sales & Marketing – Software Robots can be automated to speak to customers, answer emails and respond to social media comments, allowing them to help with marketing and selling products.

Customer Service – As Software Robots can speak to customers, or assist Human Colleagues by responding to some parts of enquiries, this enables Robotic Workers and their Human Colleagues to answer all the queries that come in from customers in a timely manner.

HR Processes – analysing candidate applications and automate screening calls and respond to employee enquiries, such as holiday requests.


What can Venturiq’s RaaS Offering do for You?

With Venturiq’s RaaS Solution, you get everything you need in one packaged solution including:

  • A fully customisable service that is tailored to your business needs
  • Certified solution experts for installation, testing and training
  • Standardised robotic processes, where available
  • Certified experts on-hand for any maintenance or customisation requirements
  • …and at competitive prices!


[1] Source: ABI Research: Robotics-as-a-Service is the Key to Unlocking the Next Phase of Market Development

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